National Donut day and the problem with nothing

Posted: June 1, 2012 in Uncategorized

Ok So for my one fan out there today is the day! You have read faithfully for 302 or maybe 303 post now and it will finally pay off with (drumroll please)…. A FREE DONUT!!! No lie man. It is national donut day and Dunkin Donuts is giving away a free donut with the purchase of any drink. Yeah put those hands together and give it up for donuts and for national donut day too. If Krispy Kreme is your thing I think I recall them doing something as well, however in the small town I live in there isn’t a Krispy Kreme so I am not sure what that “thing” is exactly. I do know what Dunkin Donuts “thing” is because I lived it this morning.

 So you are welcome for that. Now there are a few problems with this though. First my one fan is well versed and read and I am sure they already know about National Donut day  and all the promotional campaigns that go with it. I mean the Washington Post covered this monumental day! Secondly, at least for the Dunkin Donuts promotion, the donut really isn’t free is it?

In addressing the first problem let me say bravo for being well versed and well read. Seriously I try to read at least one news paper a day, I stay away from the news channels because they seem more concerned about sensational stories and supposition than actual news, and I did hear about National Donut Day yesterday but did not post untill today, so I will work on my time from story till press. John3Corrigan is a small organization with a staff of one and the organization has many opportunities for growth.

Now the second problem is that the donut wasn’t really free was it? But let me answer that question with another what is free?  Ahh some deep thought for a Friday huh? “No such thing as a free lunch private.” That was what the older Staff Sargent told me when he over heard me and other privates speaking to each other about why we joined the US Army. I let everyone in the group know I signed up for the free food. I was wrong that wasn’t the real reason I signed up, and the Staff Sargent was right. Everything has a cost associated with it. Think for one minute and try to come up with one thing that doesn’t. You can’t. Now I will go a step further and as for the definition of zero or nothing. What initially seems simple results in a  rather lengthy discussion which concludes with this thought. Zero and free are both abstract concepts. Applying these concepts is really more of a risk reward scenario.

For example I understand that I paid for the donut through purchasing coffee that had an incredibly high mark up on it but I was rewarded with a sweet treat (the donut) which ironically existed long before the ancient Babylonians invented the number zero. That’s right archeologists discovered fossilised remains of donuts in prehistoric ruins. Zero was created as a place holder by the Babylonians. Are you skeptical? Tell me the roman numeral for zero. Ah you cannot because there isn’t one. 

So reward yourself today with over priced coffee, a “free” donut and enjoy National Donut Day”. I really think this holiday will get some traction and replace uh secretary oh sorry administrative assistant day in popularity.




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