Are you aviation grade

Posted: June 5, 2012 in Uncategorized
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We sat for 15 minutes on the taxi way, at Atlanta’s Hartsfield international airport. I know because I timed it. The plane was a small connection plane taking a full plane load from Atlanta to Houston’s Hobby airport. While waiting to take off I did ,some reading, however while on the taxiway I wasn’t really able to focus on my reading material. I was more focused on the fear that I along with the majority of people in the world had, a fear of flying.
While fighting mixed emotions of fear and crazy as it sounds boredom I look around the plane. I spot in my survey all the normal air plane things and I notice the nuts an bolts holding chairs to the floor of the plane.
The nuts and bolts remind me of trips with my dad to the hardware store. I have always loved the hardware store. You can find tools used to build and fix basically anything there along with raw material like lumber and nuts and bolts, that look exactly like the ones holding these chair to this plane. It is then that I remember on my many trips to the hardware store, seeing the words Aviation grade written all over different parts, especially nuts and bolts.

While lost in my thoughts I don’t realize we’ve taken off. The plane slows banks, just typing about the approach is starting to give me another stress headache(not a great flyer here), as we descend and land the plane shakes and gives much more gravitas to the words aviation grade.
I began to wonder, is my work aviation grade? Do I show up do the best job I can repeatedly and without fail. The plane with all it’s nuts and bolts did and so should I.





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