Anticipating Roadblocks or Plan B

Posted: June 13, 2012 in Uncategorized
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It is a Monday morning I and three other work colleagues are sitting on the other side of a white and steel table that the director is using for a desk. I wonder if the table replaced the desk because of the lack of paperwork in the American office now or if the table replacing the desk was a design or style thing. While contemplating the new North American office supplies I can feel the sun warming my whole right side it is 10: 15 now and the sun has taken its rightful place in the sky and this office is one of the few upstairs with a window, in the background our director is speaking to one team member but the entire group gets to hear their conversation. Our director has the luxury of a small team which allows her to do this type of thing, if she were the director of  a larger group this couldn’t happen, well if it did the meeting would last all day.

While she speaks with each team member she tries her best to involve all team members and it is this point in the conversation that rips my thoughts away from the window and table/desk. “I want us all to become better at anticipating roadblocks like this”. She is referring to a vendor not supplying the correct merchandise to get a job done, we all shake our heads in unison up and down but as I shake I think, no wait that’s not right. Maybe you meant to say, something like we should all prepare a plan b, or some type of contingency in case we run into a roadblock. Maybe it is semantics and I am over thinking this, I am not sure but I am sure that I would love for this meeting to end so I continue to shake my head and I am rewarded with the ending of the meeting.



I get back to my workspace and began to tackle tasks but I still am caught thinking about the directors statement. “Anticipating roadblocks”, now it is known by many that, I really enjoy sports I love watching and playing them, and at the request of someone special I have refrained from making sports references it would be very easy to describe anticipation making a sports reference but I will not. Anticipating something for me at least indicates that you are waiting for something and that is the problem with the directors statement. I know I am way over thinking this right I mean I know what she means but, in the vein of over thinking I even went as far to define the word anticipation. Anticipation: a prior action that takes into account or forestalls a later action. See anticipation just knows and waits for a road block but a contingency plan or a plan B is ready in case of a road block.

We can do our best in work and life to plan and set ourselves up but we have to maintain contingency plans. What happens when we don’t get accepted to our first choice college? What happens when our company lays us off because of a downsizing? Then it is time to enact the contingency plan, whatever that may be. I heard a comedian say this about contingency plans. “You have to have a good plan B. Because well raise your hands if you are doing what you said you wanted to be doing for a living when you grew up. See don’t you wish you had a better plan B?” His point was delivered in a light and funny way but it was a good one. What is your plan b?  

As far as the debate between anticipating roadblocks and Plan B goes well:  I am all for good planning, but I am not a fan of planning on being to be  blocked.




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