How is your vision?

Posted: June 14, 2012 in Uncategorized
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In January of this year I went to the eye doctor. I am nearsighted and I have to get my eyes checked every year. The optometrist has me sit in a chair turns down the light and then I look at an eye chart through a series of lenses. At the end of this eye test she gives me a prescription for the type of lenses my eyes need to  make my vision clear.


This morning on the radio I heard a story about a norweigan serial killer. The story of course was sad and chilling but the man on the radio said something that really got me thinking. He said that the serial killer had a vision of his world which was dark and twisted, and was doing his best to promote this vision.

I began to wonder and think about what I see the world as. Is it dark and twisted or bright and full of hope?  I also wondered if, like my lenses, was there something I could do to affect and influence my vision?


In answer to my first question I see a bright future for the world. I truly feel we are living in one of the most exciting times in the history of humans existence. A time were technology,  is on an upward turn (every morning I read the paper on an i pad, in the afternoon I watch programing sent to the television over the internet) and respect for human life is gathering much more traction than before (just seeing the outpouring of support for hurricane Katrina and the Japanese tsunami victims demonstrates this), the technology advancements come on the heels of a great education and despite what the old curmudgeon say the intelligence quota of the working force and the young adults entering the workforce is high. The blend of the 3 mentioned things make me optimistic about the future and give me great vision. I guess in a way you can say that with respect for life and education someones vision can be affected and maybe changed. I wonder can we through demonstrating respect and applying education how much of another persons vision can we change?






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