Do you know what I mean?

Posted: June 15, 2012 in Uncategorized
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It was an interview with a younger pop star. I can’t remember her name. The interview was on one the many morning news shows and as the young girl answered question she ended each statement with the words “you know what I mean”. The interview finally said “no not really.” The moment made me laugh a little and of course think a little too.

I can understand the frustration of both parties. On one hand their is the younger pop star trying to relay a message to the older interviewer that perhaps he may or may not understand. On the other hand is the older television personality beginning to get annoyed with the constant need for affirmation from his interview subject. There can be much said about the need for affirmation but, that is a post for another today. Today I want to write about understanding.


It was the first day of high school, I was the shortest person in my class, I felt like I was the shortest person in school. The school was bigger, my peers bigger and now it was for real.  We all tentatively sat down in the lab for our first ever physical science course. This room was different from any other I had ever been in. This room had lab equipment and tables in place of desks. We all sat in twos at lab tables and after a short introduction our teacher explained the importance in science of being as clear as possible.

“Everyone close your left eye. ” We all did as told. “Now with your thumb line up this dot on the chalk board” Yes we had chalk boards. “Once you have it lined up close your right eye and open your left.” The dot jumped. This was called parallax error and the instructor did this to demonstrate the need in science for being clear and concise.

When we are not clear and concise the meaning of our words can be lost. This can result in frustration for all parties involved, see the pop star and interviewer. What is the secret to getting across your meaning to someone you are speaking with? I am not really sure. I do know though that when you employ empathy with any relationship there is a far greater chance for less ambiguity and more clear and concise and meaningful relationships.





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