Yesterday evening, well after the SUnday morning worship service was over I tapped on my I pad and did some researching on the internet. The subject of my search was Anthony Rossi.  It seems that Anthony was the founder of Tropicana Products and according th the preacher a Christian business man who worked hard to not sell alcohol at his restaurant and found more success selling fruit and orange juice than in being a restaurant owner.   The story about Mr. Rossi was interesting and kind of crazy so I had to look it up.


My dad would always have me look things up. “How does a gun work?” “Look it up.” Electricity,””look it up”, any query and dads answer seldom changed. “Look it up”.  When I was told this looking things up wasn’t as easy as it is now. When I was told this looking it up involved, dusting off the old world book encyclopedias or a short trip to the library. Now though looking it up is as easy as a few taps on my I pad.  After looking up the Anthony Rossi story I began to look into the origins of other things and stumbled upon an interesting blog about a man who wrote a book called “The Origin of God”.  That is some research huh? I mean to go that far back wow! I mean I thought Charles Darwin did well with his “Origin of Species” but god I mean that’s it isn’t it. I have yet to read this book so I really can only comment on its title. Sorry, but let me say this subject is really intriguing for me. I mean hasn’t man forever searched for answers about god? How did the big bang start? Isn’t that the reason for the Collider project which is one of the largest scientific endeavours in the history of the world?



Don’t we all look into space and wonder sometimes, where we are from and what is all this about? Well I say like my dad said. look it up (and the thing is you may have to dig a little deeper than wikipedia). Finding the meaning to life or Origin of god, will involve more than a few taps on an I pad. You will have to employ all your skills that separate mankind from most other animals, which are empathy, sympathy the ability to think  outside of oneself and it will be a fun and rewarding journey if you let it, and here is the kicker we will all come up with an answer that is a little different and that is cool. The answer in this case is not as important as the process.


Look it up?




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