Who do you know

Posted: June 20, 2012 in Uncategorized

We are a group of twenty two professionals all in a conference room in Fort Lauderdale Fl. The itinerary we have reads ice breaker I like my collegaues wonder what is going to happen. We are split into two groups by the human resources rep, who has taken the lead and is directing traffic. After splitting the group we are told to introduce ourselves and share one fact, with every person on the room about ourselves. We are also told to pay close attention to the fun fact that we are told. I of course immediately wonder why we should pay close attention to the fun fact, I assume it is because we will be quizzed later (and I was correct in said assumption).
After getting past the awkward parts and meeting about three people I had not previously known I realize the value in this type of exercise. In one half hour block I know 21 people and something interesting about them. Knowing someones fun fact helps bring them from a stranger to someone who has substance.
I wasn’t a fan os the ice breaker before we started but in case you couldn’t tell I will clear it up for you. I am a fan now. As a matter of fact I am thinking about using this ice breaker with other people I know but don’t know. Like the waitress at my lunch joint or the cashier at the local grocery. I suggest you do the same and break the ice, but be careful you don’t want to get wet.


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