Wait, what was the question again?

Posted: June 22, 2012 in Uncategorized
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Close your eyes and visualize with me. Ok you are 11 years old in a fifth grade mat class and reading over one of your first word problems. Ah you remember those wonderful gems don’t you? Two trains leave Chicago one heading towards New York and the other Las Vegas. Yeah you know how the word problems work. Often times what happens with the recipient of a word problem is not so much a wrong answer but a right answer to the wrong question.

This is an interesting phenom that happens when we lose sight of what the question is. I used to work with a retired colonel on an army base. His name was Ralph Foster, every morning Ralph would ask me a question about a story he read in the paper. One morning I beat Ralph to the punch, and asked him about a local political figure was found not guilty. I asked Ralph what he thought about the highly visible trial in our small town and it’s outcome, his reply was that “the defense did not prove his innocence as much as muddy the waters and confuse the jury.”

Getting “our waters muddied up”  can cause serious problems in all aspects of many situation we face professionally and personally. I think it is easier within our professional life to realize “what the question really is” , than in our personal lives. To realize “what the question is in our personal lives involves weighing out what is the most important in our lives. This is a question which is different for each individual and although it is a tough one you may find it a rewarding and fulfilling journey.




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