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Posted: June 27, 2012 in Uncategorized
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The number is 150 otherwise known as the Dunbar Number. Is the water still a little muddy? Yeah I figured it would be, so here is what that number is… the Dunbar number is 150, Professor Dunbar, through exhaustive research in anthropology decided that 150 is the limit of stable social interactions someone can have. Now some critics have pointed out their rather large friends lists on Facebook, as proof that the anthropologist professor had no idea what he was talking about. Years of research and school wiped out by the introverted genius that is Zuckerburg. Well not really if you dissect the definition, in this post for the Dunbar Number one cannot help  but notice the world stable shoved in there and this word stable usually zap many of the friends on our vast friend lists.

If you get the chance, click the link in this post it is (of course) a Wikipedia article explaining the Dunbar Number, a short read and interesting. In the article Dunbar suggests that maintain more relationships than this is neurologically impossible. So in layman’s terms working in large groups could make you go crazy right?


In an effort to get the most “friends” we may find ourselves doing and saying things we normally wouldn’t do, going places we normally wouldn’t go acting well.. kind of crazy. So not to be a super nerd but I would like to quote some Willam Shakespeare here and say “To thine own self be true”.  For anyone who doesn’t know this quote is from a play (a really good one too). In the play a father is saying goodbye to his son for the last time and this is some of the advice he leaves with him. Yeah it is that important.

So while it is interesting and fun to test the limits of stable social interactions I think maybe the thing about that number is not a question of quantity but quality and honesty in the relationships. How many meaningful friends do you have and you know what there is nothing wrong with only one or two.




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