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Posted: June 28, 2012 in Uncategorized
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They say confession is good for the soul and if you have spoken with any of my teachers or mentors from the years, you would know that, my soul needs all the help it can get. So here’s my confession, I like to drive fast. Ever since I can remember I have loved the feeling of fast cars. I am not a “gear head” I mean I like cars alright I can change oil and do minor repairs but I just really enjoy driving fast. Now despite the lack of accidents the local law enforcement has done their best to destroy my love of fast driving and you know they have a point it is dangerous to drive fast, and doing this on the city streets puts other in danger.  So do I still drive fast? No, but there was a guy who used to work with me, he drove his car on a closed race track. I am really interested in this. It sounds like a lot of fun.

Have you ever seen the movie “Gone in Sixty Seconds“. I think the movie is a remake and I know it starred Nick Cage. I love the scene in the movie where Nick Cage is explaining to youngsters at a go-cart race track that speed is a by-product of good racing. It is fun to o fast however you have to know when and where you should and shouldn’t go fast. I imagine it is fun sometimes to be the boss at work and buy expensive dinners and luxury items but you have to know when where and how to do that. Wealth and “power” in business will come as a by-product of doing something you are passionate about and doing it well. Well picking a career path in college many students fall into the trap of choosing a career that will give them wealth and power. These students are usually weeded out in the first few years of their career and end up working in a field they did not major in.

Today are you working in or with your passion? If the answer is yes than congratulations and enjoy the by-products if not take heart. H.G. Wells, before he became the father of modern science fiction and one of the greatest authors to take pen to paper was a failed chemist assistant and a failed draper. He worked as a school teacher and oh yeah, he wrote some books. He was passionate about books reading and writing and it was his passion that made him famous. Fame fortune all by products of working with something he loved. So not to quote the late and great Bo Diddley but I will . “Who do you love?”






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