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Down but not out. Yesterday I broke my record and did not pst to this blog. I would like to take this opportunity to apologize to my one fan… Sorry dad. (Sometimes I like to allow my imagination run wild and imagine that I have hundreds, no thousands no no millions of fans, but I know I really only have one, but I’m cool with that)
As with many apologies and offenses I have an excuse. I know excuses are a dime a dozen and poor replacements for the wanted an needed results, however in this instance my excuse will result in today’s post. Hmm did I just break a paradigm? (Ok a bit much your right)
Yesterday I couldn’t post because I was exploring the Georgia state national parks. If you ever get the chance to stay I and explore any of the Georgia state parks do yourself a favor and go! The national park system truly is a national treasure. The ride to the park I spent the weekend at was a five hour trek which took us through one of the states poorest counties and enough urban plight to negate any story by politicians about economic recovery. Seeing mils, plants, theaters entire streets and cities empty and abandoned. Made me think about the Rocky movies. You probably do not need to make a five hour trek to seethe depressing effects of the current worldwide toxic economy. But if you know anything about the Rocky movies you know that the formula for one of the most successful movie franchises in the world is simple. Rocky, a prizefighting heavy weight boxer, gets hit on the chin knocked down, but not out. Rocky digs in punches his way threw the storm and comes out victorious. I don’t know a lot but I do know this mankind has always found a way to survive and thrive we have dug quite hole for ourselves but likeRocky now is not the time to quit it is time to dig in and fight. The five hour trip was full of blight as well as people. These people need things, the same way they did before the crash and toxic economic situation and the needs of these people will not be meet through political policies. They will be meet trough action from neighbors and family members, working for each other and themselves.








Yesterday immediately after work I abducted my girlfriend and drove her 45 minutes away. We arrived at one of the older movie theaters on the other side of town and watched what may have been, the best movie of the year. “The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel“, that’s the name of the movie! If you get the chance definitely watch this movie.  The movie follows a group of British retirees to India. The retire to The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel, which is a young Indian mans dream.

The movie showcase some great acting and the beautiful culture sites and sounds that are part of a really amazing country, India. 

There is one retiree who absolutely hates the move from the U.K. to India and another who is completely at home, it is during one of their dialogues that I have stolen todays post title. The woman who is miserable, asks the man who seems to be in heaven what he likes so much about the country. He goes through the standard answers, colors, climate but then he says he loves the way people live their lives there as though Life is a privilege not a right.

  Watching some of the actions of people I often feel that we can forget that are life is a gift given to us by god or providence or chance, depending on your religion, and definitely not a right. When something is a privilege you respect, cherish, and protect it. When something is a right it is easily overlooked. When something “just happens”, it can easily become mundane and normal. I am convinced that if we learn to live our lives as though they are indeed a privilege we will see and experience a more full and wonderful life… Just a thought



Don’t ask what the world needs. Ask what makes you come alive and go do it. Because what the world needs is more people who have come alive – Howard Thurman.

 If we are to adhere to the words of Howard Thurman, who by the way was one of the great American authors, thinkers and civil rights leader, not a bad act to follow.  When faced with trying to figure out how to help sometimes it is best to follow our passions.

Most of the successful entrepeneurs artists, athletes  or any profession have worked in and pursued their passions. Pursuing a passion makes a job change to a career.  Pursuing a passion helps us move from the middle of the pact to the fore front.

Are you pursuing your passion this morning?





I ate lunch alone the other day, but I really wasn’t alone I was a small part of a lunch time rush at a local pizza joint. I sat at a table next to a man and woman who “had the volume” of their conversation dialed up pretty loudly. In the couples defense the ambiance of the pizza joint dictated that if you wanted to be heard you were going to have to crank it up a little.

It was during this, louder, conversation that I heard the quote, which became todays title. This quote was made as part of the younger womans diatribe against the management and administrative arm of an organization she used to work for (yeah I got to hear all of that while eating my pizza). I don’t have a problem with showing respect. I am a firm believer for employing and getting respect. I agreed with most of her diatribe at least until she made that quote. Statements like that always bother me.

I truly believe that everything is connected, but I don’t think this statement means that exactly.

All is connected… no one thing can change by itself.
Paul Hawken

(when you get the chance check out Paul, he is working to make a difference for our generation and our futures)

Let me explain..  To say everything is connected is an in arguable truth. But to say that without us there would be no you, ,means that your choices will influence my destiny, and I disagree with that.

I believe that choice and Destiny are always in a delicate balance in someone’s life. Perhaps it was said best by the fictional Forest Gump “I don’t know if we each have a destiny, or if we’re all just floatin’ around accidental-like on a breeze. But I, I think maybe it’s both, maybe both happening at the same time.”

No one really knows! He that says he does lies to himself and you. I do know this the young lady that was speaking was a sales person and if she didn’t show up for work tomorrow adjustments would be made. perhaps another hire and life would go on. So instead of trying to figure out who needs whom maybe effort would be better placed in figuring out the way to make the greatest impact on everyone we meet everyday.

just some thoughts from the table for one at the local pizza joint (I was going to use that for the title but it was way too long!! maybe I could have went with pizza joint wisdom)



If she were living Amelia Earhart would have been 115 years old today. What do you know about her? Let me guess, she is the woman who tried to fly around the world and disappeared in 1937. That’s it to. You didn’t know that she helped form the Ninety Nines, was a member in the National Womens Party and  supported the Equal Rights amendment.

Until this morning I was in the same boat about Amelia Earhart. She was born towards the end of the Womans suffrage movement in the United States and she was a pioneer for women and aviation. In 1928 Amelia became the first woman to fly across the Atlantic ocean, this is a feat accomplished many times everyday now, but in 1928 it was un heard of and here was a woman doing it and she did it with style. Thanks to her influence, in part to her image and her position at Cosmopolitan magazine, Amelia was  able to help start and finance Transcontinental Air Transport, this air line would later become TWA. 

Amelia Earhart raced aircraft and crisscrossed the country, flying from Hawaii to Oakland, Los Angeles to Mexico City and Mexico City to New York. With 15 records three books to her fame Amelia set out to circumnavigate the globe and was never seen again.

It is easy to remember Amelia Earhart for her disappearance and “failure”, but what we should remember her for is her successful and inspiring life. I think that the woman she encouraged directly and indirectly are innumerable. She made an impact on womans rights and aviation that was nothing but positive. Come to think of it when I consider failure I always remember the words of one of my most favorite people in history…

“Success is stumbling from failure to failure with no loss of enthusiasm.” ― Winston Churchill

Amelia stumbled with poise grace and was nothing but a huge success. Happy Birthday Amelisa!!


So Sunday was an interesting day for me, how about you. My Sundays are usually consumed by worship and food, however yesterday was not the case for me and my girlfriend. (Get yours gasps ready.) Yesterday me we decided to play hooky from church service (insert gasps here). We spent the morning hours watching an older comedy, which I had seen before and she had not, it was “Red” (great movie if you haven’t seen it you should, men Mary Louise Parker does a really good job and for the ladies, my girlfriend says Bruce Willis is still hot in it), after the ,movie we decided to explore the nearby historic Savannah GA.

We do not live in Savannah but we are close enough to enjoy a ride to the Empire city of the south every once in a while, like when you skip church or something.. Have you ever read “Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil”, or seen the movie of the same namesake? Pretty good book and movie and both were set in and really showcased Savannah GA.  Savannah is a beautiful southern east coast city. If you ever get the chance come see Savannah.  Savannah is unique in the south because it has retained many of the old buildings and ambiance from days past, thanks in part to the gifting of the city to the president during the civil war by the malevolent General Sherman.  It is the architecture and feel of the city that we were enjoying and that also caused my girlfriend to twist her ankle. there are steps leading to a street that are very steep and treacherous and these steep steps did their dastardly deeds on her ankle.

Older architecture is something to look and marvel at however it is not always the most well received for getting around on. However the city of Savannah is excellent at creating a juxtaposition of old and new structures and it is in this delicate dance that we found an elevator to carry us back up stairs to market street.
Now because we took the elevator as opposed to the 100-year-old steps we were in a different area than we were earlier. Walking back, slowly gingerly to the car ( I offered to go pick it up while she waited at one of the cities beautiful squares benches, but she would have none of that. It was during our slow walk that we realized that the Historic Savannah Theater was putting on a show at three o’clock that day.

Looking down at my watch and her cell phone we realized it was 3 after 3 and we decided to pay the box office a visit. The lady at the box office let us know that there were two tickets available and (drumroll) they were Front Row Seats! I love live entertainment and I can count on one hand the amount of times I have sat in the front row. The two of us watched the cast from the Historic Savannah Theater, act, sing and dance their way through “Jukebox Journey”. We absolutely loved it!! If you are ever in Savannah do yourself a favor and see any production this theater is putting on! Well don’t take my word for it.. “If you get to Savannah go to the theater on Bull Street and watch a great performance!” –Reba Mcentire.

My girlfriend apologized for hurting her ankle I told her that if she hadn’t hurt her ankle we would not have walked they route we did and therefore would have missed a great show and wonderful afternoon, so no apologizes were needed. 

The ankle is still swollen, she has decided to try to stay off it for a while and see what happens. Life is full of twisted ankles and unplanned events, embracing them and enjoying the directions we take make a world of a difference.



I like music, all kinds of music; rap country, rock, jazz, big band and yes even fusion. Liking music and technology made me a “sucker” for I tunes. Have you used I tunes? Holy Cow!! I tunes is great! They have every genre you can imagine, new and old music and the best part is the music can be yours with a tap of the screen. Yesterday I tapped my I pad screen and had the new single off the Killers album that get this, Has yet to be released, the single is out but the album is not and I have the single. How cool is that?

I agree very. What’s that? Who are the Killers? What is the single? Ok so The Killers are a great Rock Band who took a seven-year Hiatus. During the Hiatus the lead singer did his solo thing but they are back together and based solely on this one single I believe they should stay together.  The single I am basing my assumptions of the bands best destiny off of is “Runaway” have you heard it? O you should cruise over to the website and check it out. Go ahead I will not be insulted. Great song right? The album is named Battle Born, and when asked about the albums name the lead singer, mentioned that Americans are all battle born because we are a country made up of immigrants looking for a better life.

Battle born loosely defined means coming from struggle. We will face many struggles. “Life’s not always fair. Sometimes you can get a splinter even sliding down a rainbow. ~Cherralea Morgen

Life is tough it isn’t fair and we work to “correct” that but perhaps this is not the right approach. Maybe we should embrace the struggles, take pride in coming up from the struggle. I don’t know it isn’t easy to do this but,Doing what is right isn’t always easy, but it is always right.” — unknown

I don’t know about yu but I am done with the quotes. Sorry about hitting you with so many. But know this you are not alone in your struggles they will not go away but if you let them they will make you struggle, battle born and when people ask. Where do you come from? Boy will you have a story!