Good morning, afternoon or evening depending on where and when you are. For me it is morning July 2, 2012, 8:30 am ET to be exact. Being July 2nd and being in the United States, there is much buzz, decorations and plans right now concerning a pretty big holiday here. The 4th of July or Independence day. That is the day of the year that people living in the United States of America celebrate the nations independence, paid for in blood of old, young, free and en slaved, from as the Declaration of Independence puts it “absolute Tyranny over these States”.


The “Declaration of Independence” is still a really great read! (I know super dork right?) I am not sure where you are when reading this but I do know that the United States of America is not the only country to make a declaration and create a document like this. Many countries have written up documents declaring independence from tyrannical rule, as a matter of fact two countries that are engaged in revolution right now as I type are Syria and Egypt. These countries can look to the Declaration of Independence written and signed by the fathers of the United States of America for inspiration.  The United states government has been the same government for over 223 years now. This life span is greater than most nations.

What seems to be core and paramount in the Declaration of Independence are the equality of man and mans right to freedom. These fundamental values should e recognized  by not only new governments but people as well. Our parents have told us time and time again how special we are and it turns out they were right. Man and woman are special and important and deserve freedom and with the freedom have responsibilities. Next time you began to feel a little down or you began to god forbid, look down, on someone it would help to maybe remember the declaration.





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