Johnathan and “Diary of a Wimpy Kid”.

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Johnathan my middle child was ten years and at home with his sister, brothers and mom. I was a little older than ten and at the Atlanta International Airport. I was on a layover which I usually don’t mind in Atlanta. The airport is nice, it is one of the largest in the nation I think maybe world, but the layout isn’t confusing and there is an underground train which will quickly take you between terminals and each terminal has, nice shops and pretty good places to eat. One of these nice shops is where I usually find trinkets to bring home to the kids. It was one of these shops where I found, a book for Johnathan. Yes you guessed it, the book was “Diary of a Wimpy kid, Rodrick Rules“.

Johnathan has an older brother (by about a year) named Kyle who loves to read. When Kyle first learned to read he became this unstoppable force. Deciphering and uncovering secrets about the english language every day. Kyle read billboards during car rides, cereal boxes and newspapers in the morning every book on the bookshelves at his moms, my and his grand parents house. It was fun to watch Kyle read as much as he could. Johnathan was not exactly the same way. “Reading is boring!” That was Johnathans mantra. Johnathan is a brilliant boy (yes I am biased just like any parent would be) and didn’t have a problem reading he has always read at a higher level than his grade but he didn’t show the same interest in it as his older brother did. While in the gift shop looking at all the overpriced gear I imagined Johnathan thanking me for the book and immediately retreating to a quiet place to engage his mind. Read is very important, empowering and freeing. If you have a moment take a chance to follow this link; 

It is a story about the amazing thing that happens when we read. 

Well that was my vision for what would happen, however as it often does, reality was far from my vision. Johnathan thanked me for the book and placed it on his bedroom nightstand the book stayed there untouched for at least a week. Kyle found the book and devoured it. Johnathan wanting to emulate his older brother followed suite. He read the book and loved it. “The Diary of a Wimpy Kid” is actually a series of great books and Johnathan, despite his hate for reading, read all of them!

Johnathan is now 12 years old and he still hates reading however he has read a good deal of books. He loves the Young adult books that have seemed to flood the market. I am so thankful for the flood. Johnathan has realized that by reading he can experience something that is wonderful and amazing. Reading is powerful through reading we can become educated, employ empathy and really become a better person and society. So today I am grateful for “Diary of a Wimpy Kid” and Kyle. If you know anyone who hasn’t learned to read no matter what age please help them





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