Enjoy the day off. Tomorrow the hard work starts!

Posted: July 4, 2012 in Uncategorized
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Today is the 4th of July, happy fourth!! The fourth of July is a federal holiday in the United States of America. The holiday is usually celebrated through picnics cook – out, fireworks and family reunions,m it is done to remember, the day that 56 men signed the famous Declaration of Independence, the document made it possible for the thirteen colonies to secede from the United Kingdom and start the United States of America.

I can imagine the room and the feeling of independence coupled with a feeling of anxious anticipation fueled by an intrepid pioneering spirit. If you live here in the United States chances are you will be celebrating today, and that is a good thing, but tomorrow and the next day you will, much like the independent founding fathers of the United States, be back to work. I am grateful for the Declaration of Independence and what it represents, but I am more grateful for the work ethics of the 56 founding fathers and  the work ethic of the almost 200 million current workers on the books.

Freedom isn’t free, it is paid for with hard work our country works, only because her people do so thank you! Enjoy your day off and tomorrow we will get back at it.




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