Old School TV = No remote

Posted: July 5, 2012 in Uncategorized
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“No seriously you guys. When I was your age we had to get up and turn the dial on grandmas TV if we wanted to watch another channel. When we got a few years older there was a remote for the cable box.” Those were the words I spoke to my disbelieving children in Burger King as we enjoyed our Whoppers and chicken fingers. I know, I know that food is killer but we don’t eat that way every day so I think we will be ok. The kids didn’t believe me until a visit to the grandparents house and they saw for themselves the old school TV that my dad still used on the patio. To see their faces, when they had seen the tv, was kind of priceless. Dad had up until a little over a year ago an old console tv. The speaker was housed in the tvs wooden case and just above the speaker was the dial.

I am reminded of the old tv and the kids looks, because a friend mentioned to me the words on a local churches marquee. The words read “life is like a TV without a remote.  If you want to change it, you gotta get up and do it yourself.” Besides, taking me on a pleasant trip down memory lane, those words have become a sort of, rally cry for my life. I am grateful for all the help I have been afforded by some the people I have met (there has been much help given) and I have tried to give as much as I have taken, through helping others every chance I get. One thing I have learned, more in giving than receiving, is that for a person to truly experience change he or she must do that themselves.

I volunteer through a community outreach at my local church. When I first started volunteering I had an idealistic vision of what it would be like. Then reality set in and I realized that if you feed someone at a soup kitchen that was what you were doing feeding them. I mean you will feed them, which is important ( you have to eat to live) but you will not change your life they will get some encouragement from you, if you are pleasant but only they can change their life. This realization is frightening and fearing at the same time to come to that realization that you are the responsible party for success or failure in your life is what some may call growing up.



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