Today is “International Kissing day” and although it is not as popular as Valentine’s day this could be one of my most favorite holidays. A kiss is a powerful gesture enjoyed world-wide. I enjoy kissing just as much as the next guy and this holiday has brought kissing to my minds forefront. My first thoughts are of my favorite subject with whom I share kisses (she knows who she is). Then I am just amazed at how many different types of kisses there are. It is something more intimate than a handshake for sure but can be enjoyed by lovers, family and friends.

There is always of course the iconic kiss in Times Square on V J day between a sailor and a passing nurse.

If you recall this kiss was redone recently, demonstrating that love and victory just never grow old and are timeless, much like kissing.

I also think about the movie “Rain Man” when I think about kissing. The scene I imagine is the one with Dustin Hoffman and Valerie Golino are in an elevator and she is teaching him how to kiss, because he had never kissed a woman. I was 11 years old when I first watched that movie on DVD and I still try to kiss just like she told Dustin Hoffman too. It makes me laugh a little when I think about the scene.

Of course when you think of Kiss you have to remember Gene Simmons, Ace Frehley and Peter Criss. Those guys rocked hard I mean really hard and they did it with style, make up flair and fire. Kiss was super cool.  I wonder how many kids in the eighties got their swagger and strut from Kiss??

So enjoy International Kissing day it only comes once a year. Kiss someone you are in love with, kiss a family member and if you are not in love kiss someone you want to be in love with, but be careful(hey the kiss worked out well for the sailor and the nurse).




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