What are you doing after work?

Posted: July 9, 2012 in Uncategorized
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It was 7:30 am I was drinking coffee and wiping sleep from my eyes as the store manager, Mr. Miller was shaking hands and plugging in a television, which was a throwback from my high school years except in place of the vcr there was a dvd player. I wondered why Miller was using the monstrosity to show a video  on because we worked at a furniture store with full living room set ups on the showroom floor, to include functioning flat screen tv’s, but it was early and I didn’t wonder long. I sat down, next to Kelly the warehouse manager and my boss, on one of the folding chairs someone had placed in front of the tv on the metal rolling stand, that I swear they had stolen out of the local high school. Just before 8 all the warehouse selling and credit staf had made their way to the offices and were also sitting in folding chairs watching Mr. Miller fiddle with the dated electronics. As soon as he finished the larger store manager turned to us red-faced and a little flustered then asked each employee by name what they planned on doing after work.

“John, good morning how are you?” “Well Mr. Miller, how are you?” “Good, now what do you plan on doing after work?” Even though I had heard him ask at least 7 other people the question threw me. It was an odd question and I was only 23 years old. “I am not sure I will probably finish up some odds and ends and play a little with Kyle.” Kyle was my son the only one at the time and he was at the tender age where they are just learning to speak and interact it was a great time. The QA session went on like that for all the staff of Helieg – Meyers in the small town I was living in for about 10 minutes. After getting everyone answer Miller looked at us all and told us that we were not thinking right when we answered his question. That after he was done working he was going to draw money out of his 401k and then catch up on all the fishing he missed. It was then that I had the aha moment I had been waiting for this meeting was set up to peddle some type of 401 k plan. Soon after Millers awkward speech at us not really for us, he hit play on the dvd and we watched some business propaganda about the companies new brokerage house that would handle the 401 k plans.

The video was ok it had the standard battery of stock photos of men and women in their early 50’s late 40’s trimming sails playing with grandkids and of course there were the sliding calculators and charts. Risk versus reward. I had no problems with the video but Miller really hit a nerve when he told us all that we were thinking wrong. I have to disagree with him.

His title was sales manager so, one would assume he would be good with people, but he wasn’t. The man always came across as abrasive and when he did try to demonstrate compassion his efforts resulted in an odd arrogant and apathetic manner. That morning he seemed arrogant and pedantic. I felt as though we were children and he was our school marm. What makes it worse was that, he was wrong, we were not thinking wrong. Don’t get me wrong, I signed up for the 401k. I mean we should plan for the future no doubt, but we should never not live right now. Miller and others like him always seem to plan and live for the future. They are part of the “someday crowd”. Someday I will travel see the world, swim with the dolphins, whatever. What often happens is someday never comes and you are left with regret. In a cruel twist of fate Helig – Meyers went bankrupt we all lost our jobs and I had to roll over my 401 k. After work came quickly for Miller.

I still plan on retiring one day, but I do my best to enjoy everyday at work and after work. I encourage you to do the same




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