To, at around or with.. How do you know?

Posted: July 10, 2012 in Uncategorized
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In a meeting we all sit at the table while the management stands to the left of his laptop, going on and on about the slides he is clicking through. We feel at times like he is speaking to us but most of the time it looks sounds and feels like he is speaking to the floor or the wall and at the times when he becomes accusatory.;”These numbers do not look good.” We feel that he is speaking at us. The speaker sets the tone of the meeting and the meetings tone usually determines if the meeting is effective or just another waste of time.

Meetings with a tone that is accusatory or boring or non engaging are useless. So the question arises, how do I make my meetings engaging? And, since I am not management and never will be conducting a meeting why do I care?

Well, allow me to of course answer the last question first. You should care because, despite not being management, you will meet with many people today and because you are not management, your meetings will be one on one. There is nothing worse than a bland, non engaging interaction that is one on one, except maybe for like snakes or spiders.


Now onto question one (remember I started with question two?) I would suggest that you speak with someone instead of, at, around, or to them. How do you know if you are speaking with someone well you should have input from the other person and enough input for you to develop a “feel” for how this person or this group of people feel about the subject of your meeting. Speaking with someone will, if you allow it change your interactions with people in a way you could never imagine. Speaking with and engaging people will open up a wealth of previously untapped resources and energy and just make life and work much more enjoyable and better. If you don’t believe me try it today in the hundreds of engagements you are part of.




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