Yesterday immediately after work I abducted my girlfriend and drove her 45 minutes away. We arrived at one of the older movie theaters on the other side of town and watched what may have been, the best movie of the year. “The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel“, that’s the name of the movie! If you get the chance definitely watch this movie.  The movie follows a group of British retirees to India. The retire to The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel, which is a young Indian mans dream.

The movie showcase some great acting and the beautiful culture sites and sounds that are part of a really amazing country, India. 

There is one retiree who absolutely hates the move from the U.K. to India and another who is completely at home, it is during one of their dialogues that I have stolen todays post title. The woman who is miserable, asks the man who seems to be in heaven what he likes so much about the country. He goes through the standard answers, colors, climate but then he says he loves the way people live their lives there as though Life is a privilege not a right.

  Watching some of the actions of people I often feel that we can forget that are life is a gift given to us by god or providence or chance, depending on your religion, and definitely not a right. When something is a privilege you respect, cherish, and protect it. When something is a right it is easily overlooked. When something “just happens”, it can easily become mundane and normal. I am convinced that if we learn to live our lives as though they are indeed a privilege we will see and experience a more full and wonderful life… Just a thought




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