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Not sure if you noticed but I have made a conscious effort to avoid anything religious on this blog. I do this because I have come to realize, over the years, that religion is a subject people feel very strongly about. In the name of religion or religious freedom , wars have been waged, lives lost, nations built and destroyed, families torn apart. When it comes to religions I have two opinions; first is that the right religion is… the right religion for you.  My second opinion about religion is that “Your beliefs don’t make you a better person,  your behavior does.

Men and women who wish to make a difference and feel better about themselves can only truly do so by using benevolent behavior in all their relationships and interactions. It is not a hospital that saves people but the actions of the nurse, assistants and doctors.

Actions speak louder than words. We are taught from kindergarten up to exercise good behavior always and this is a lesson we should never forget.




Do you know who Gary Dahl is?  He is the father of the “Pet Rock“. Some trivia to start your day. You’re welcome. So Gary thought of the idea of a pet rock when he heard friends complaining about their pets. A rock makes a perfect pet.  The Pet Rock was a wild success and Gary took his money and opened a bar in California.

An idea as simple as a Pet Rock can make some momentous changes. Every one gets these “million dollar ideas”. In Max Barry’s book, “Syrup” the protagonist mentions that the average person has at least three million dollar ideas a year. I think he is right, honestly I think he may be low.

The above average person works to make the ideas reality and the lucky person does.   So we are all average, but we can with some hard work become above average and then lucky!

Good Luck with whatever




OK so I watched The new Batman movie, for the second time, and I still did not like it. That’s all for todays post… Just kidding.  But, seriously the new Batman movie is not that good. I watched the movie with two of my sons, Kyle and Connor and they loved it, keep in mind Kyle is 14 and Connor is 7 (yes I know the movie is rather violent for a 7-year-old, so know role model of the year award for me),  I was pleased that they, despite the poor acting and campy script, were enjoying themselves and within all the garbage that was the Batman dialogue there was a gem of a quote.

“A hero can be anyone. Even a man doing something as simple and reassuring as putting a coat around a young boy’s shoulders, to let him know the world hadn’t ended.” — Bruce Wayne/Batman

Those were the words that Bruce Wayne spoke, while dressed as Batman to commissioner Gordon and, despite the movies very poor cinematic quality, those were some great words for these two young men and this one old one to hear. We may not have a cool costume and some really neat toys, but we can all do our best to help each other and that makes our actions heroic. See it’s really not about the hero at all but his or her actions.



“Come on Johnny we are going to have more fun than monkeys in a barrel!” I am not sure if the enthusiasm generated by the camp instructor is for me or for herself as she leads me and five other campers through the woods looking for fire wood. Her words conjure up memories for me. I am in the Day care at the local bowling alley I can’t be more than 7 or 8 years old and me and my friends, whose names I cannot for the live of me remember now or when I was on my fire wood gathering exploit, are taking plastic monkeys out of a red plastic barrel and hanging them from the underside of a table in the bowling alleys day care. After my short mental


Well are you? I know it depends right? Are you reading this at work? If you are reading it at work, where do you work? How much work do you have to do and is today your Friday? Some of us will have a mountain of mind numbing work , colleagues we could care less about, bosses who seem like their number one goal in life is to make ours miserable and we have to work through the weekend so to answer the question right now no we are not happy. Answering preemptively; it is not looking good for us to be happy tomorrow.

So how do we fix this. Well we could quit work, write a scathing memo to our colleagues and employer and go out in a raging inferno, but the problem with that is we need our job as does pretty much everyone else in the work place.

A week ago at the company I work for quarterly meeting a happiness coach gave some advice on how to be happy.  The CEO of the company ran with this and sent out an e-mail with advice for working on our happiness. He gave some routines we could do for the next 21 days and the one that really resonated with me was “Happiness Habit #4” 

“For 21 days in a row, before you open your in-box or start on a project, send an email to someone thanking or praising them for something they did.  The email should be a MAXIMUM of two sentences and should take less than two minutes to write.  You can send it to a friend, a family member, a work colleague, an old teacher, anyone you know.” 

Now time for my confession, I haven’t done this yet because I have already opened my inbox and started two projects but tomorrow I already know who I plan on thanking.

Just thinking about thanking this person and how it might make them feel makes me happier maybe the happiness coach is onto something. I will let you know in 21 days. 

We rarely have control of who are colleagues and  employer are, but we can control how we treat others and treating others with respect gratitude and decency will make a huge difference in our lives.






on a side note todays post will be my 365 post to this blog!

stay tuned for a special announcement about this mega milestone…..



The chemical element is caesium and it is highly reactive and therefore very dangerous. Caesium explodes on contact with water and it’s radiation is what is used to define and measure a second. A second is the used to create a minute, which in turn is used to create an hour then a day, week, month, year, decade, eon.

Ahh I love time despite the fact that it doesn’t exist. Spend just three hours at nearly any work site in the world and you will hear complaining about schedules with time lines that are “not at all practical”, you may hear bosses complaining to employees about their tardiness and you could hear employees complaining to peers about the tardiness of the boss.  The funny thing about time is that it is the same for everyone and yet it isn’t is it. I only say this because not everyone in a work place will complain about time. Some people seem to be able to manage their time wisely and accomplish every task within parameters given. Why can these people be so much more productive than others?

There are dozens of books for managing time more productively, seminars  and retreats are held where masters of work place production give out the keys to their success. It seems that the people who are the most successful at managing their time all have one thing in common (besides of course their success) and that is they all realize that what is most important is not the time but the accomplishments.

See the thing about time is that well it doesn’t exist. All that exists are actions that we use to measure time whether it is the radiation from a highly reactive element or the completion of a work project. The important thing to remember about time management is that, it is not a matter of when but what. What have you done versus what needs to be done. We cannot control time but we can to a degree control what we do.

My favorite quote about time comes from one of this years best movies ever…

Everything will be all right in the end… if it’s not all right then it’s not the end” — Sonny From “The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel






That’s not a word

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“That’s not a word”.  Jim looked at Carol as she spoke about yesterday’s events in the twangy accent and southern colloquialism, and this ordinarily  amused Jim but, today instead of amusement, this merely added to his situations frustration. “Yes it is I just used it in a sentence and you understood  it. My mama uses it and so does my cousin and daddy. Don’t be a sour puss on account of this work stuff. Here let me help you.” Jim smiled and showed Carol what he was working on.

You will find more times than not that our attitudes will alter our perspectives and our perspectives can alter our realities. In Jims case his bad attitude about work caused frustration which in turn made him lash out at Carol. In lashing out Jim made a statement I have heard before and it is not a true statement. Remember just because we don’t know a words definition or use doesn’t make it non-existent. A word is; a single distinct meaningful element of speech or writing, used with others (or sometimes alone) to form a sentence.

How is your attitude?  When I was in fifth grade there was a poster that featured a statement plastered over a pov photo of a hang glider, that read “Attitude equals Altitude” I don’t think more true words have ever been spoken (or written).

Oh and as far as words go…. well they are all made up and they are all real.  

peace (or nerpoplee)

john3 c