Find a cause.

Posted: August 3, 2012 in Uncategorized
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The movie was not well received by many of the critics and the movie going public. I however loved it. The movie was “John Carter”‘ a comic book adaptation which chronicled the space traveling, bad guy fighting adventures of JohnCarte, a civil war soldier.
The title of this post is part of one of John Carters final quotes. He tells his nephew Ned, “fall in love, find a cause, and write a novel”. This is great advice.
Life can become mundane, vain and full of ennui. A life worth living is one lived for others. The others in your life will become your cause. Choose your cause wisely, you will pay for it. However the return on investment for selfless altruistic endeavors is priceless.
So today if you find yourself suffering from the blas, do yourself a favor and find a cause.



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