It’s in 3d!

Posted: August 6, 2012 in Uncategorized
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Me my daughter and my girlfriend spent one Saturday in Charleston SC.  Most of the day, due to the record-breaking heat, was spent indoors at the Charleston Aquarium.  I believe the correct name is the South Carolina Aquarium. Well no matter what the name that was where we spent a great deal of our Saturday, and we definitely didn’t waste the Saturday spent there. The aquarium was a great place we had a blast.

While at the aquarium we went to an interactive 3d movie, wait no it was actually 4d. The movie featured all the ocean creatures, the theater was full of participants bobing and weaving to avoid the splash from a dolphin, water spouted from the humpback whale and the sea snakes strikes.

I have for the longest time been a fan of 3d movies. I love the way the images seem to “jump” off the screen and make you feel as though you are part of the movie.  This morning for some reason I was thinking about the 4d movie as well as the all the 3d movies I have seen. I began to think how much of a difference it made watching a movie in 3d.  Then I began to think about people, and how much of a difference it makes when you see them in 3d.  When you get to know more about someone than just their name. How many people are in their family, what are they passionate about. Things like that give a person depth and makes them 3d and it makes life, a richer experience and I like to think it makes a person better. I don’t know for sure but it is worth your time to get to know a person and experience them in 3d1






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