Today is Wednesday middle of the week hump day. I have heard Wednesdays referred to as hump day for a long time, ever since my middle school years (and that was a while ago). Sometimes when I call Wednesday hump day, depending on the circle of individuals I am speaking with I have to clarify that it means middle of the week. The hump part of a climb. That after Wednesday the rest of the week is down hill.

When I start explain what hump day means I always imagine the words up and over and relive my boot camp experience at Fort Sill Oklahoma.

Part of Boot Camp, when I was a soldier was the completion of a pretty elaborate obstacle course. there were ropes, pits full of mud, low barbed wire, drill Sargents yelling at you and a wall. Not being exactly a tall fellow the wall was kind of intimidating. My height may have been a disadvantage but because my place in line that day in the obstacle course was advantageous. I could watch my fellow new soldiers attempt and fail at climbing up and over the wall. The drill Sargent yelled at these individuals those words couched and covered with other words which I will not repeat. I got to the wall started running and repeating, in my head, up and over, up and over, I allowed my momentum to help put me up and over the wall. I completed the course successfully and without injury I got up and over the wall and on some hump days I catch myself repeating those same words up and over up and over.





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