Soccer and the learning curve

Posted: August 16, 2012 in Uncategorized
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I was in Ninth grade 14 years old and I was of course complaining to my mom about sitting on the bench during my soccer games. My mom let me know that, if I practiced and tried harder I would spend more time on the field and less on the bench. I told my mom that I did practice. She then let me know that I didn’t practice at home and went a step further by purchasing me a soccer ball.

I traded in the basketball after school and then played soccer. I learned a lot at home that school year about soccer and actually started on the JV team the same season.

I hit the learning curve rather quickly with soccer, and I am currently trying to learn how to use some new software and I have hit the learning curve like a car smashing into a freeway embankment.

Learning anything new is exciting and fun but when you hit the learning curve it can feel frustrating and disappointing. We have to dig in our heels try different approaches and conquer the learning curve and we can do this!

The most important thing when hitting the learning curve is to not give up! Winston Churchill said it best when he told the troops in WW II to ” Never Give up” .

I think the best thing about a learning curve is that after making that turn and getting over that curve everything else seems tiny.






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