That’ s  3 less than 30 2 more than 25, and the amount of rejections Dr., Seuss suffered through before his first children’s book was published. Yes that is correct Theodore Seuss Geisel, heard “no” from 27 publishers when he was pushing his book “And to Think I saw it on Mulberry Street.”

The book was the good doctors first attempt at children’s literature and published writing until this point in his career,  he was a cartoonist  who had experienced moderate success. It was on a boat trip from England that he wrote “And to Think I saw it on Mulberry Street.” He set the cadence of the book with the hum of the ships engines and with this book he changed the lives of children and parents all over the world. Just imagine if he would have quit….

27 is a pretty high number! To get 27 no’s and continue to press on shows determination and it is determination and will that makes a difference, not so much talent. 27 people felt that Dr. Seuss was not talented enough to publish and they were all wrong. Dr. Seuss believed in himself even when 27 other publishers would not.  Now Dr. Seuss admits that he nearly burned the manuscript after all the rejection but he pressed on.

I am not sure what rejections you are facing or may face in the future but always keep in mind that when someone says no it is only their loss, it doesn’t become yours until you give up.

“Only you can control your future.”
Dr. Seuss




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