Are you Happy (now)?

Posted: August 23, 2012 in Uncategorized
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Well are you? I know it depends right? Are you reading this at work? If you are reading it at work, where do you work? How much work do you have to do and is today your Friday? Some of us will have a mountain of mind numbing work , colleagues we could care less about, bosses who seem like their number one goal in life is to make ours miserable and we have to work through the weekend so to answer the question right now no we are not happy. Answering preemptively; it is not looking good for us to be happy tomorrow.

So how do we fix this. Well we could quit work, write a scathing memo to our colleagues and employer and go out in a raging inferno, but the problem with that is we need our job as does pretty much everyone else in the work place.

A week ago at the company I work for quarterly meeting a happiness coach gave some advice on how to be happy.  The CEO of the company ran with this and sent out an e-mail with advice for working on our happiness. He gave some routines we could do for the next 21 days and the one that really resonated with me was “Happiness Habit #4” 

“For 21 days in a row, before you open your in-box or start on a project, send an email to someone thanking or praising them for something they did.  The email should be a MAXIMUM of two sentences and should take less than two minutes to write.  You can send it to a friend, a family member, a work colleague, an old teacher, anyone you know.” 

Now time for my confession, I haven’t done this yet because I have already opened my inbox and started two projects but tomorrow I already know who I plan on thanking.

Just thinking about thanking this person and how it might make them feel makes me happier maybe the happiness coach is onto something. I will let you know in 21 days. 

We rarely have control of who are colleagues and  employer are, but we can control how we treat others and treating others with respect gratitude and decency will make a huge difference in our lives.






on a side note todays post will be my 365 post to this blog!

stay tuned for a special announcement about this mega milestone…..




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