It was just a rock

Posted: August 29, 2012 in Uncategorized
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Do you know who Gary Dahl is?  He is the father of the “Pet Rock“. Some trivia to start your day. You’re welcome. So Gary thought of the idea of a pet rock when he heard friends complaining about their pets. A rock makes a perfect pet.  The Pet Rock was a wild success and Gary took his money and opened a bar in California.

An idea as simple as a Pet Rock can make some momentous changes. Every one gets these “million dollar ideas”. In Max Barry’s book, “Syrup” the protagonist mentions that the average person has at least three million dollar ideas a year. I think he is right, honestly I think he may be low.

The above average person works to make the ideas reality and the lucky person does.   So we are all average, but we can with some hard work become above average and then lucky!

Good Luck with whatever





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