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Is this a lie or a misperception?

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Ok so a lie is a deliberate attempt to make a false statement and a misperception is a misunderstanding of a statement. So with two words so blatantly different wouldn’t it be a fool’s errand to try to outline the differences? Well what is blogging, if not a fool’s errand? No just kidding it’s fun to blog, and I hope fun to read. I am only mentioning misperception and lies because I have seen lately, many accusations come from receivers of various statements. The accusers of course, call the statement makers liars, and it seems that, if the said accusers would focus more on the statement than they would their own statements there would be no misperceptions. I have heard it said before and I have to agree, that a wise man or woman during a conversation does not simply wait for his or her turn to speak he listens and understands. 

To avoid misperceptions try this today, when speaking with someone do not make a sound until they are finished speaking and you completely understand what and why they said what they said. I am a firm believer that, with the proper education applied to our lives we can accomplish anything! When we rush through a conversation and ignore everything the other party says we miss a golden opportunity to learn and increase our education and an opportunity to grow. Let’s focus on understanding more than accusing today and see if it makes a difference.




We have all heard it before. “I would have done that, but I don’t have the time.” Some of us have even used this as an excuse before(insert gasp here).  It is an easy to use and impossible to fix excuse isn’t it? I mean can you make the day longer? I can’t, no one can. The excuse is easy to use because of the ambiguity of time too. Define time can you really and for that matter what time is it now? look at your pc, microwave watch and cell phone. Do any of the times displayed on those devices match? See time is elusive and hard to define and describe and therefore really should never be used in any excuse.

When we tell someone we didn’t do something because we didn’t have time we relay to this person to things first and foremost is our inadequate ability when it comes to the task they need us to complete and second is an apathetic indifference towards their needs. So basically when asked why we didn’t do something and we are tempted to blame the elusive, ambiguous, abstract called time we should really say something like this. “I didn’t get done what you needed me to do because, I cannot do that, and I am not concerned enough about what you need, to learn how to do that.” 

Pretty harsh huh? I mean no way I would ever say that to someone. But guess what when you reach into the excuse bucket and pull out that card, you are saying that. I know nothing like blatant honesty to start off a Thursday morning but I will admit I have used this excuse card before as well. I implore you today to join me and tear up this card. Next time you feel that a schedule is preventing you from doing something do not call into contention time. We cannot change or really adequately define time so this excuse does not work. We will never get less work the labor will always be there.

When you take this card out of the “deck” you will be one step closer to finding the key for you to be more helpful and productive and you will not be upsetting people who depend on you. So you will be like superman or super woman instead of the guy or gal with a million reasons not to. Wouldn’t you rather be super?




Last night on while hanging out on twitter I followed a link and also posted on that took me to an amazing optical illusion (check it out).  Did you follow my link? For anyone who didn’t let me elaborate the illusion is one that involves a picture of a black ballerina cut-out, and when you stare she spins. The cut-out will spin clock wise or counter clock wise and based on the direction your ballerina spins the website can determine which brain hemisphere, left or right is most dominant, for you.

I was watching the ballerina spin clockwise and read that I am right brain dominant and despite knowing that the whole left and right brain dominance thing being a myth I smiled a little, because supposedly a right brain individual is more artistic and imaginative (and I mean who doesn’t want to be that). Did you notice where I typed myth? See there are two hemispheres   The left and right brain are not as separate as they were once thought. Our left and right brain handle thoughts, emotion and actions not separately but spread out. Think of your brain as a computer with two processors, the two hemispheres spread the work out between each other.  Now having said all that I still felt good reading somewhere that I was creative, I mean that is kind of cool. But did the lady spinning clock wise make me creative? I have to say no. Creation makes someone creative and I think everyone has just the right amount of creativity, and logical thought we just have to learn how to apply it all to our lives.

Just something to think about here… This morning I followed the link again and the lady spun counter clock wise for a second and then back clock wise 🙂  When you get the chance surf on over to the optical illusion page, there are some really cool things there.



Wooden sticks and wheels

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The tube is made of cardboard and each end is capped off with a metal disk, inside the tube there are wooden dowel rods of all different lengths, wooden wheels and plastic tubes which can be used as connectors as well as a small paper instruction sheet. “These are tinker toys”  my dad says as he pops one of the metal tops off the cardboard tube and spills it contents on the rug in front of me and my sisters.

Dad takes the instructions and like any good man throws them out-of-the-way. Me my sisters and my dad dig in and within less than half an hour we have built racers, squares rectangles and skylines. We start by mimicking the creations on the tube and end by building our own abstract art gallery. The tinker toy is an amazing toy only bound by the child’s imagination. It was with toys like this that I truly feel that my sisters and I learned how to develop. They are a simple design and fun tool still used today.

It always seems that the most simple and elementary toys and tools can be used to create the most magnificent things.




I walked into the grocery store the other day and the bin at the front of the store was full of pumpkins. The sight of the pumpkins made me think about one of my most favorite time and holiday of the year. Fall and Halloween.

I think about Fred Flintstone too. Fred comes to mind because that was the earliest Halloween costume I could remember. every year mom and dad would dress me and my three sisters on Halloween in K-marts finest costumes (Fred Flintstone) and we would go from house to house begging for candy.

Halloween origins can be traced back to the early inhabitants of Ireland. A society like many others at the time whose survival was intrinsic to that of their crops and lands believed that the veil between the living and dead was thinnest at the end of the year (which was Halloween), so to protect family and land. Everyone in a village would dress as ghosts and roam the streets keeping the evil spirits scarred away.

This year families will get together and scare the living with costume and jack o lantern (carved pumpkins) and while we may not be doing this to keep the ghosts from taking us or our land. I can’t help but think the dressing up and trick or treating and jack o  lantern creation generates priceless bonding with family and friends. So what started as a holiday for survival well seems to still be one for that.




Yesterday I was speaking with one of my most favorite people about the existence of miracles and exactly what would justify an action as a miracle and what is just mundane.  The current church defines a miracle as: something wonderful that is above nature and science.  I am using the Catholic churches definition I am sure each religion has something a little different but they are probably all the same.

So if something can be explained through science or nature is it mundane no not in the least, a sunrise can be explained through science but it’s existence is amazing and wonderful but not really miraculous.

As a child I used to do my fair share of complaining and my mother would do her fair share of reminding me of my life’s simple pleasures. Even though something is not miraculous it does not have to be mundane, and it can certainly be something we should be grateful for.




“do or don’t do.. ther is no try” Yoda

Aww wise word from the master who teaches masters in one of the most successful film franchises in the history of hollywood. For anyone who doesn’t know Yoda is a character from the “Star Wars” movies. The Star Wars movies are a creation of George Lucas, in which men women and all types of different life forms become Jedi who defend all the solar systems from evil. It is rumored that Lucas based the Jedi off of the ancient samurai. Yoda is the head Jedi and he makes this comment to the Jedi who is at the time the last hope for all of the other solar systems.

It is a simple yet profound quote when you think about it I like it because it takes away the limbo we can often find ourselves stuck in when we don’t complete a task in the way we would like to. I don’t think anyone wants to find themselves like Schrödinger’s cat.  If we adopt the philosophy that those who haven’t tried haven’t failed then we are putting ourselves in the box just like the cat but if we follow Yoda’s philosophy to do and  not try we will never not know we will know only and since I started with a quote from a  figure from fiction, why not end with one from a non fiction figure?

“Knowledge is power” — Sir Francis Bacon