Do you remember these?

Posted: September 6, 2012 in Uncategorized
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I do! I would love to take the colored pencils and put them in the hole in the gear and run the pencil all over the larger circle. With every pass of the pencil I could see a shape that was distinct and beautiful appear. The shape despite what seemed like random movement from me was not random at all.

I would use different colors, put the pencils in different spots, press down harder and sometimes move faster. This simple children’s toy besides being a lot of fun was also teaching us. We learned that results from our actions are not random at all we all function within a set of parameters and if we want things like the drawing design to change it is often necessary to change the parameters the designs are made with.

In life we are often faced with a design we do not want. That design is not fate, or random at all. That design was made because of a combination of our actions and parameters. If you want a different design you will have to change one or the other and sometimes both. i.e. You can’t swim in the ocean if you live in Oklahoma.. (ain’t I cool using i.e. (I always thought cool smart people used those letters))

So much thanks today to the spirograph.






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