A level playing field?

Posted: September 19, 2012 in Uncategorized

“Hey this house isn’t level!” I exclaimed in my 12-year-old voice that hadn’t deepened to what would become a bad impersonation of kermit the frog when I got to highschool, while I looked at the bubble suspended in the spirit level my dad had given me for show and tell the next day. “Yeah many house aren’t level, especially the older ones like this one. They usually start level however over time they settle and just are not level. ” My dad’s wisdom like the level was just earth shattering.

How can a unlevel house exist? I checked everything with the level my dad gave me and found that most items in the house were level but the house itself wasn’t!! Seriously this threw me. Later I would check other houses, grandma, uncles and school and found that dad knew what he was talking about. This was quite the epiphany for the developing, learning, cognitive 12-year-old sponge.

Fast forward a few decades and I find myself facing another epiphany moment. Ready for it? Here it is: There can never be a level playing field”.  Think about it, go ahead take your time and you will realize that there can never be in business or economic station or social status a level playing field. I have heard in all the hyperbole the mention of level playing field the creation of one, the protection of one and I began to think about the house, and I realized that the level playing field is a myth and non existent and that any attempt to make the “playing field level”  will merely result in some type of discrimination and penalty for one group of players.  My dad used to tell me, and he did this often, that life is not fair. He would say this and point out that there is no such thing as fair, but there is right or wrong. You can do the right thing but you will never be able to do the “fair” thing. I can’t help but wonder if we all focused on doing the right thing as opposed to the “fair” thing, how much better off would the entire world be?




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