Simple pleasures

Posted: September 21, 2012 in Uncategorized
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Yesterday I was speaking with one of my most favorite people about the existence of miracles and exactly what would justify an action as a miracle and what is just mundane.  The current church defines a miracle as: something wonderful that is above nature and science.  I am using the Catholic churches definition I am sure each religion has something a little different but they are probably all the same.

So if something can be explained through science or nature is it mundane no not in the least, a sunrise can be explained through science but it’s existence is amazing and wonderful but not really miraculous.

As a child I used to do my fair share of complaining and my mother would do her fair share of reminding me of my life’s simple pleasures. Even though something is not miraculous it does not have to be mundane, and it can certainly be something we should be grateful for.





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