Wooden sticks and wheels

Posted: September 25, 2012 in Uncategorized
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The tube is made of cardboard and each end is capped off with a metal disk, inside the tube there are wooden dowel rods of all different lengths, wooden wheels and plastic tubes which can be used as connectors as well as a small paper instruction sheet. “These are tinker toys”  my dad says as he pops one of the metal tops off the cardboard tube and spills it contents on the rug in front of me and my sisters.

Dad takes the instructions and like any good man throws them out-of-the-way. Me my sisters and my dad dig in and within less than half an hour we have built racers, squares rectangles and skylines. We start by mimicking the creations on the tube and end by building our own abstract art gallery. The tinker toy is an amazing toy only bound by the child’s imagination. It was with toys like this that I truly feel that my sisters and I learned how to develop. They are a simple design and fun tool still used today.

It always seems that the most simple and elementary toys and tools can be used to create the most magnificent things.





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