The spinning lady and why we like her.

Posted: September 26, 2012 in Uncategorized
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Last night on while hanging out on twitter I followed a link and also posted on that took me to an amazing optical illusion (check it out).  Did you follow my link? For anyone who didn’t let me elaborate the illusion is one that involves a picture of a black ballerina cut-out, and when you stare she spins. The cut-out will spin clock wise or counter clock wise and based on the direction your ballerina spins the website can determine which brain hemisphere, left or right is most dominant, for you.

I was watching the ballerina spin clockwise and read that I am right brain dominant and despite knowing that the whole left and right brain dominance thing being a myth I smiled a little, because supposedly a right brain individual is more artistic and imaginative (and I mean who doesn’t want to be that). Did you notice where I typed myth? See there are two hemispheres   The left and right brain are not as separate as they were once thought. Our left and right brain handle thoughts, emotion and actions not separately but spread out. Think of your brain as a computer with two processors, the two hemispheres spread the work out between each other.  Now having said all that I still felt good reading somewhere that I was creative, I mean that is kind of cool. But did the lady spinning clock wise make me creative? I have to say no. Creation makes someone creative and I think everyone has just the right amount of creativity, and logical thought we just have to learn how to apply it all to our lives.

Just something to think about here… This morning I followed the link again and the lady spun counter clock wise for a second and then back clock wise 🙂  When you get the chance surf on over to the optical illusion page, there are some really cool things there.




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