I don’t have time.

Posted: September 27, 2012 in Uncategorized
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We have all heard it before. “I would have done that, but I don’t have the time.” Some of us have even used this as an excuse before(insert gasp here).  It is an easy to use and impossible to fix excuse isn’t it? I mean can you make the day longer? I can’t, no one can. The excuse is easy to use because of the ambiguity of time too. Define time can you really and for that matter what time is it now? look at your pc, microwave watch and cell phone. Do any of the times displayed on those devices match? See time is elusive and hard to define and describe and therefore really should never be used in any excuse.

When we tell someone we didn’t do something because we didn’t have time we relay to this person to things first and foremost is our inadequate ability when it comes to the task they need us to complete and second is an apathetic indifference towards their needs. So basically when asked why we didn’t do something and we are tempted to blame the elusive, ambiguous, abstract called time we should really say something like this. “I didn’t get done what you needed me to do because, I cannot do that, and I am not concerned enough about what you need, to learn how to do that.” 

Pretty harsh huh? I mean no way I would ever say that to someone. But guess what when you reach into the excuse bucket and pull out that card, you are saying that. I know nothing like blatant honesty to start off a Thursday morning but I will admit I have used this excuse card before as well. I implore you today to join me and tear up this card. Next time you feel that a schedule is preventing you from doing something do not call into contention time. We cannot change or really adequately define time so this excuse does not work. We will never get less work the labor will always be there.

When you take this card out of the “deck” you will be one step closer to finding the key for you to be more helpful and productive and you will not be upsetting people who depend on you. So you will be like superman or super woman instead of the guy or gal with a million reasons not to. Wouldn’t you rather be super?





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