Do things for the right reasons

Posted: October 1, 2012 in Uncategorized

So I am driving home from work the other day listening and singing along to Train’s song “Hey Soul Sister”. The song is a hit song that is not rock and easy and sing to. You can almost feel the bands energy through the radio. I am listening to the song that is one of the most popualr in the world and  some of the jet fuel that has helped rocket the bands comeback. Yeah that is right, comeback. I just finished reading an article that outlines how the band felt burnt out and almost called it quits in 2005 but decided to get back to it’s musical roots in 2010 andout came a great tour two excellent albums and the song “Hey Soul Sister”.

The quote for todays post comes from a quote made by the bands lead guitarist Stafford “When you do things for the right reasons, good things can come out of it.” I like the band and even more I love the story. Getting burned out can happen to anyone doing anything even something they love. We can and often times do take our passion box it up and make it become this replicated mundane thing and we call it a career.  Sometimes revisiting the reason this is our passion, and why we love what we do is just what is needed to spark back up the burned out end.





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