When to use the “say nothing strategy”

Posted: October 2, 2012 in Uncategorized
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He was late picking her up. He had a great and true excuse on the car there was the tell-tale replacement tire his hands, although washed, still had some  grease on them and his clothes were grungy and wrinkled. The tire blew on the interstate while on his way to pick her up from her night classes. It didn’t take that long to change the tire but it took long enough to make him at least 15 minutes late. He probably should have called as soon as the tire blew but he was busy trying to steer the car to the shoulder of the busy interstate. Now he was standing in the local college parking lot hearing some choice words about his lack of respect, the need for them to become a two car family how she felt so bad being left there like some lost luggage receiving stares from her peers. He looked for a chance to interject and explain himself and actions but choose to employ the “say nothing” strategy. She finished here outrageous proclamations perplexed by him not defending himself and looked at his dirty hands discombaguatd appearance and then glanced at the spare tire and she started crying. Without saying a word he gave her a hug and all was forgiven and forgotten.


It can be very tempting when involved in a conversation like the one going on in the previous paragraph to jump in feet first defending ourselves vehemently and do our best to make the other person realize the error or her or his ways. However what will this accomplish? All we end up with when doing this is two upset people. “Silence is golden” this is a maxim that would behoove many of us to adhere to. As an exercise today let’s all try to do this. First no interrupting all day let the other person finish their conversation and if what you have to say will not help the other we will all just be silent.




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