Put no trust in tomorrow

Posted: October 5, 2012 in Uncategorized
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After the short trip downstairs to the warehouse I am greeted ny thousands of hanging, garments and cardboard boxes. I always said that the warehouse for distributing to North America looks like a dry cleaners pumped up on steroids. I don’t have time to marvel at the warehouse though I have to get a shipment to the shipping manager before a truck leaves.

Now on my way back to my office I have some time to marvel and I do. The warehouse has a staff of 300 but I only see about 12 people during my marveling ( I think most are hidden in the labyrinth of shelves and boxes and hanging garments, some are also members of the second shift). The workers perform all different types of tasks and each task has different tools, ranging from complicated fork lifts to simple plastic tables with wheels on them. I notice one of the simple plastic rolling tables (called carts in the warehouse) because it has been decorated by the employee who has laid claim to it.



The cart is decked out in candy wrappers and there is a quote that I love. It reads “Sieve the day Put no Trust in Tomorrow”. I am not sure where (other than this cart that the quote comes from). Sometimes it is hard to embrace today and easier to set ourselves on “cruise” control and pass through the day and know that tomorrow will be better but the thing is there may not be a tomorrow and why would they day be better than today. Well tomorrow I will ____ (fill in the blank) since tomorrow may never come perhaps we should do that today?

Just a thought




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