He was half right.

Posted: October 9, 2012 in Uncategorized
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Yesterday I took a day off from work and writing in this blog. It was my middle childs 13 birthday and Columbus day. Johnathan, that’s my new teenagers name, had a good birthday  with cake and cookies and presents and I always enjoy seeing him and his brothers and sister grow up so it was a good day off.

Johnathans brothers and sisters told him that he was lucky with his birthday falling on a holiday that all the kids get off from school. They had to go to school on their birthdays. It was because of the holiday talk that the kids got to talking about Christopher Columbus and his accidental discovery of North America. I heard them talk and interjected here and there but mostly I thought about how Columbus was half right.


For anyone who doesn’t know, what made Columbus famous and deserving of an American holiday was his trip from Spain to North America in 1492. The English at the time controlled many of the trade routes in the ever shrinking world and common knowledge was that the earth was flat (crazy huh). Well Columbus in opposition with common knowledge and the church at the time proposed that the earth was round and that if he sailed west he would eventually sail east and make a new trade route to the Indies for Spain and Italy and basically every other country than England. Well Columbus was half right. Because of the lack of charted territory Columbus ran into the continent known now as north america. This prevented him from reaching India. However many history books state that till his dying days Columbus held to the notion that he had reached India. It wasn’t until 1533 that the Magellan expedition successfully circumnavigated the globe and the word success is loosely used because the expedition which left with 237 men returned with only 18.  However the Magellan expeditions returned proved Columbus was more than half right he was completely right. The earth is round and you can reach the east by heading west.  It took 40 years hundreds of men and ships but because of the actions of men like Christopher Columbus and Ferdinand Magellan, the world has become a smaller and more connected place.  So I am suggesting a Magellan day to accompany the Columbus day celebration. What do you think?




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