What’s my name?

Posted: October 12, 2012 in Uncategorized
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At my work space I have four framed photographs. Two of the four house pictures of my children and they are my favorite photographs the other two, are my second favorite and one has a photograph of a local paper plant the other is a photograph of Muhammad Ali standing over Sonny Listen. I am a big Muhammad Ali fan. Of course I am to young to have ever seen Muhammad Ali boxing in his prime but I have seen many dvds and Sports Center Classic specials.

I am not sure if Muhammad Ali’s fight with  impressive but definitely memorable is Ali’s fight with Terrell. See Ali was born Cassius Clay, he converted to muslim and changed his name to Muhammad Ali. Terrell before the fight called Ali Clay and refused to use the name ALi. The fight was very one-sided which is why I said it may not have been impressive but during the fight after every punch Muhammad Ali would ask Terrell”What’s my name?”  Ali did this for 15 rounds Ali won 13 of the 15 and beat Terrell.  Many critics criticized Ali for being to violent and harsh on Terrell.

I am not sure how you feel about the violent nature of the sweet science know as boxing, but I am sure that our names are very important to all of us. They matter  more than we would like to acknowledge and it seems to make the world a better place when we learn and us everyone’s name.




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