Dreams of space travel

Posted: October 18, 2012 in Uncategorized

We sit down on the couch and she has me move closer to her, she turns on her i phone and opens an app, and for the life of me I cannot remember the name, but I do recall what it did. The app  displayed on the screen a map of space and outer space, the user can zoom in and out of earth any of the milky way planets and explore other galaxies and stars as well as solar systems. This app, even though I cannot remember its’ name is amazing and the i phone has so many apps like this, see here. O there is the name Solar Walk!  

Seeing Earth, the sun, other planets as well as other stars on the i phone makes me feel like a kid again, looking through the telescope my mom and dad bought me in the backyard at the moon in awe and wonder. On the surface of the moon I can see the magical white gray and bluish hills mountains and craters. I wonder about what life there would be like if there is any at all. Later on in the week while listening to the radio on my way home I hear an incredible story about a newly discovered planet only 25 trillion miles away from earth!  I know that seems far but space is big and 25 trillion miles is about 4 light years.  25 trillion miles seems very far but 4 light years makes it sound better and (if you believe the story from CERN) some scientist claim they may have broken the speed of light record. So if there is a way for man to travel faster or as fast as the speed of light than could not that man also travel to this new planet?

What’s that impossible? Not in my lifetime or my children’s lifetimes. Well the same was said about; traveling to the moon and on July 20, 1969 a passenger of the Apollo 11 rocket stepped foot on the white-gray and bluish surface on the moon and in an effort of reaching and “always moving forward” the same people who brought to the world the moon landing placed on  August 14, 2012 a robot, named curiosity,  on the hot red arid surface of the planet mars. On Saturday a man in a high tech jump suit fell for nine seconds from 24 miles above the earth. Science and imagination work best when they are hand in hand. Seeing the moon and images from mars will spur current and future scientists to see limits like the speed of light, space travel and outer space survival as merely opportunities instead of limits. Will inter stellar travel happen? I do not see why it couldn’t, the most important thing is to never stop dreaming and working towards whatever that dream is.

By the way space, the promotion at work whatever that dream is it can happen!




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