NPR and Church

Posted: October 22, 2012 in Uncategorized
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This Sunday in church the minister finished his month-long preaching in the book of Malachi. No no let me be more clear every Sunday for about a month now the preacher read from the book of Malachi. He did not preach for a month long, if service does not end at noon on Sundays I start to get antsy. Malacahi is a book of prophesy and it ends with a call to give our time and money to god. Malachi as a book can be a bit of a downer. The prophet Malachi calls out the people of god and their reluctance to serve, but it ends on a high note. The book of Malachi ends with a promise from god. Malachi tells gods people, that  you get out what you put into serving god. I thought it was odd that at the same time that church would be speaking to making good investments in the form of altruism that NPR through GPB would be in the middle of its membership drive.

For anyone who doesn’t know NPR stands for National Public Radio. NPR is made up of local stations here in Georgia or local station is GPB. The most uniques thing about NPR is that the support is made up from donations and the radio shows have no commercial interruptions. Now since there are no commercials the stations have to solicit listeners for funds, that’s the membership drive and that is going on now. Other than the membership drive time. Listening to NPR is a usually a passive experience but at this time you can for as little as a 10 dollar donation change your experience from passive to engaging.

Wether it is church, public radio, local politics or maybe even a park clean up, there will come a time when we have the opportunity to stand up and get involved. When can look at this as a chore or as the opportunity it is. The Chore and opportunity part were the last parts of the Malachi series. See towards the end of the book the people of god were split into to camps complainers and doers. It is easy to be a complainer and look at life as a chore but much more will get done and you will have a deeper, happier more full life if you ditch the complaints and get to doing.




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