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Posted: October 23, 2012 in Uncategorized
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Saturday afternoon six kids and the threat of boredom creeping in, propelled us to take to the road. In about 14 minutes we were pulling up to Fort Morris in Midway GA. Fort Morris is a historical site in Midway GA. The Fort Morris historic site is where a military post of 200 patriots stood to protect coastal GA from the British troops. We pay the park ranger in the gift shop, he then directs us to a small movie theater where the kids take their seats and we see a film about Sunbury GA and it’s importance in 1700’s to the continental U.S. As we listen and see how important and big the old sea port city once was we hear the kids pipe up with a, “I am learning about this or that in school” and the “oh I know who that is'” 

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I am pleased that the boredom killer is working, so far and that maybe they are learning something. I am also in shock to hear about the size of Sunbury GA. The port city, as I mentioned earlier was one of the larger cities in GA and worth protecting. The reason I find this hard to believe is the lack of physical evidence in the city for a town of any substantial size let alone bustling. Sunbury is an empty deserted marsh part of Liberty County GA. Even the historic site, Fort Morris has no man-made structures left from the time it was a fort.

Nature has come behind man and now stand where there were once houses, Live oak trees with spanish moss. Where once you could hear the clip clop of horses and the hum of machinery you hear the abundant cacophony of a myriad of birds and wildlife. The location of the fort has a mile long nature trail that we follow and as we do we read the narrative that tells the history of a hard-fought battle. The kids are rescued from the brink of boredom and I am once again amazed at the power of mother nature and the beauty of it all.




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