No such thing

Posted: October 25, 2012 in Uncategorized
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ImageSo the workplace, being an environment full of adults from various background and upbringing, can become a perfect place for disagreements about principles and beliefs which are usually accepted as truth. Recently the new disagreement at work is the existence of bias. An individual at work, who aways seems to wear clothes that look as tough they belong inside ad on te cover of a fashion magazine, let m and another co-worker know that his choices in attire hd nothing to d with anyone other than himself. I let him know that he as incorrect. We all have some bias developed over time. 

To stand and say that we are unbiased sounds great, but it is a fallacy. There are and always will be some bias let’s not hide our heads in the sand but instead acknowledge, understand and judge the basis of our bias. Until we do this we cannot expect to grow.




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