Scotland a proud beautiful land with people just as beautiful yet not truly a free land may finally gain the independence so vehemently fought for by the likes of many brave men like Willam Wallace.  That’s right it has been some 700 years since Willam Wallace meet his demise fighting for his homeland’s freedom from the British and the land is not free from British rule. Granted the oppressive British government is less oppressive now than in the days of Willam Wallace. The lack of oppression may also be reason for the results from a survey done by and TNS-BMRB showed that only 28% of Scots favor leaving the United Kingdom.

The referendum will be on the ballot and allow for a straight up vote in 2014 to decide if Scotland will gain the independence many have fought and died for. 

Freedom is a funny thing that can be quite subjective. Willam Wallace fought for freedom only after loosing his family. 

I think freedoms subjectivity is best described by Voltaire —  “Man is free at the moment he wishes to be.

 So the question remains today are you free and if so what are you doing with the freedom you have






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