It was a Sunday afternoon and I was at the house watching an American Football game on television while my girl friend was reading her book. She reads while I watch and every once in a while her gaze will change from her book to the television it was during one of these moments when she poised the question which is the title of this post. The NFL has gone pink to promote breast cancer awareness.

The American football players have donned pink hats and shoes and towels in an effort to make breast cancer a topic of discussion for men and women nationwide. The term used by commentators and coaches is “increase awareness”.  To be aware of a subject is very important. With early detection the chances for surviving breast cancer are much better.  With awareness men may remind women to look for breast cancer signals, with awareness someone may decide to donate to a breast cancer, charity funding, treatment and research which could cure someone.

Being aware of a subject is important, it is important enough to make some of the biggest and toughest men in sports wear pink. There was an actor named Carroll O’Connor his son committed suicide and I remember my mom and dad saying that the father and actor wished he was more aware of the crowd his son was with and that all parents should be aware of their children’s friends.  Carroll O’Connor worked for a drug free America and is quoted as saying “Get between your kid and drugs any way you can.” Being aware is important always.  p.s. if you can help in any way you can please do




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