A new start

Posted: November 1, 2012 in Uncategorized
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The rain comes down furiously it feels as though it will never stop. The rivers and tunnels flood frist then the flood and rain waters fill the streets and lawns of the houses. The 4’000 pound cars parked on the street and in some driveways break free from the earth and begin to float and away with the cars is the hope that the rain will ever stop. It is now time to leave. After evacuation an all clear is given and the residents filter back into the city to assess the damage. Homes that housed multigenerational are a shell of their former self. There are overturned furniture, damaged clothing anything that was left is gone and among all the debris and waste there is the same thing that Pandora found when she opened  pithos and unleashed all the evils of the world. The same thing Adam and Eve were given after they ate the apple or fig, hope.

Out of the flood and destruction there is hope. The rain washed away everything and provided for some a new start a hopeful start. I love the aftermath of a rain. After the rain has fallen and drained away I can smell and feel the fresh air and within that air there is hope and the chance for new starts. Now in the washed out regions of North East United States there is a chance for a renewal.


I am not suggesting that we do not grieve for the loss, there is a place for grieve it is important in the healing process but after the grieving there should be a optimissim and a hope as well as a recognition for a new beginning. 

My heart and prayers go out as I am sure yours do to the victims of hurricane Sandy but heart and prayers do not work as well as a helping hand if you feel as though you are unable to help please visit

and help.

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