Happy Veteran’s day everyone

Posted: November 12, 2012 in Uncategorized
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Veterans day was here yesterday so I guess I should change the title to read happy late Veteran’s day everyone.  I spent veterans at Sunday School morning service, the house for an afternoon football game and then the park for a nice Sunday afternoon jog (to burn off the extra calories found in the bag of chips that disappeared during the football game). Sounds like an idealistic lazy SUmday right? Well, it was anything but that….

Sunday School went off without a hitch. The lesson pointed out the importance of charity and giving to the church and fellow memebers.  So yeah Sunday School was great, after that we had our fellowship in the sanctuary, some wonderful hyms and a special song by some church members. I suffered through the part of the service were they passed the plate for tithes and offerings and something odd happened. The minisster asked if all the veterans would come to the front of the sanctuary. There I was at the end of the line at the front of the church sanctuary, listening to the minister compliment us on our service and thank us for  service and then the preacher asked that each of us step forward give our name and branch we served or were serving in. So far everything is fine I have a healthy fear of public speaking not a phobia but he also asked that each of us relive and let the church now of a time we felt protected during our service by God.

I was taken off-guard I had spent only three years in the military as a young person and I am convicned to this day that every one of my one tousand ninety five days had the hand of God on them. I had purposely choosen the last spot in line when making my way to the front of the room and no I thought that perhaps choosing this spot was a mistake.

Our church demographics run the gambit with age and we are becoming (slowly more diverse with nationality and race), up there before I spoke I heard stories of veterans from the jungles of Vietnam and southeast Asia, the deserts of Iraq, the moutains of Afghanistan and even some from the rivers and of Bosnia.

The men and women who stood up there have seen there share of heart ache while in service and that was being shared at this church service. The tears were flowing and the tissues were out both in the pews and in the front of the sanctuary. I began to contemplate the prospect of running for my seat, but realized my embarassment would force me to pass by my seat and B line it to my car and then I would be compelled by my embarassment to find a new church to frequent, and this was all too much, so I swallowed my fear and my made my statement and did it tear free.

I began to wonder why the minister had choose to do this. My wondering about the why got me to thinking about why we remmeber veterans and why their stories are so important.

War is hell. This is a truth that is, in this day and age of instant news coverage and technology that connects us yet works hard to distance us from reality, a truth  easily forgotten. It is in hearing veterans retell their dark stories that we can be reaffirmed of the hell that is war. “Managed Chaos”, was how I once heard a general describe it. The cost of war is high!

“It is only the dead who have seen the end of war”

The origins for this quote are unsure. It has been (as many quotes have) said that this quote comes from Plato. I am unsure of it’s origins however it does seem that based on history, the physical and emotional scars from conflict that the quote despite uncertainty in it’s origin is very true.

We celebrate here in the United States and remember or military veterans on the same day peace was declared ending World War I, it seems proper and nessecary to remember our veterans and their stories so that we can if possible avoid the hell that is war.

Happy late Veterans Day and God bless all who have served and all of their families.


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