A mirage of success

Posted: November 19, 2012 in Uncategorized
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Right on the heels of the President of the United States reelection comes his tour of southeast Asia and with his tour is the important stop in the small but important country of Myanmar or Burma depending on the anthropological camp you are set up in. Burma has a population of 68 million and at a time when many countries are experiencing a retreating GDP Burmas GDP, despite economic sanctions placed on the country due mostly impart to the blind eye their military ran government has turned to human rights violations and an all too large human trafficking problem, has grown and is expected to continue to grow. 2011 GDP for Burma was 82.68 billion. Burma is a nation which a rich culture and a resource rich land. The human rights violations and genocide have made Burma the subject for UN scrutiny as well as the earlier mentioned economic sanctions.

The United States have taken an approach to help Burma that has been so far successfull. Their approach was to put sanctions on the country and send diplomats to the country and open a dialogue. The success of this approach has spurred the realize of political prisoners and some free elections which hopefully will relive some of the oppressive forces from the military government.

During the United States president visit one of the political prisoners spoke to the media and the people of Burma from the house she was held prisoner at. Her name is Aung San Suu Kyi she spoke to the people about being careful not to fall for “a mirage of success” and that real success was going to be a long road for all of them.

The statement about “the mirage of success” got me to thinking about how sometimes it can be easy to measure success by a bank account or position title and how this measurement of success should be happiness. As if right on time Sir Richard Bransson of Virgin fame, made a similar statement about the measurement of success.  I am going to try hard to avoid falling for the mirage of Success and work towards true success what about you?





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