Survived by….

Posted: November 26, 2012 in Uncategorized
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Before writing in this post I stopped and read my uncles obituary on the Star Beacon website.  The write-up mentions his love of his children grand children, travel and fishing and then it says “survived by” one son and three daughters. Those words survived by always, sense a kid, seemed strange to me, but then on the same site next to the obituary I see a touching letter written from my cousin to her dad (she is one of the survived by that the obituary speaks of) and I think I kind of understand what those words mean.

Uncle Keith was always smiling, and joking and laughing. You could tell he enjoyed the company of his family and I really believe he missed his wife, my  aunt Jackie. He will be missed of course, but  more than missed he will be survived by his children and grand children. The survivors will be in my thoughts and prayers and I ask they also be in yours.




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