I did it!!!

Posted: November 29, 2012 in Uncategorized
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Last year this time I was lamenting over the need for thirty thousand words. Confused? Let me explain. November is the second to last month of the calendar year, the month in which we celebrate thanksgiving, and National Novel Writing month.  A novel is an average of fifty thousand words in length so the goal for anyone who dares volunteer is to write a novel of at least fifty thousand words in length in the span of one month, that month being November.

Last year I volunteered and failed to accomplish this momentous task. I had the enthusiasm and desire to do the average 1667 words a day for the 31 day month, but that was not enough I fell short. 20,00 words short to be exact. I was a little dejected but I didn’t lose any of my enthusiasm. I continued to write daily in my blog and thought about different book ideas up until this November than when November came around again I hit the word processor like a man obsessed. I was disciplined and stuck to the 1667 word a day minimum some days crushing the minimum but every day making at least that much, and I did it.

I know it seems like a small accomplishment, but what is life if not a bunch of small accomplishments and failures? So am I writing this to brag a little? yes but more than bragging I hope I can be your inspiration, maybe there is something you have yet to do a bucket list item to check off? Trust me if I can hammer out 50000 words in 28 days you can cross that item off your list believe in yourself and never let the failure define you






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